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Borécha is your Best Kombucha Brand in India

Kombucha girl

Who are we?

When others draw a straight line, we go on a tangent. Way out. Alag, Hatke.
In word, deed and action, we don't follow rules, only our hearts. To the "tea"
Slightly crazy. We took the simple act of fermenting tea in a closet to a state of the art industrially crafted kombucha and named it Borécha. It's not just a name but a definition. This is Kombucha.

We make and we are, deliciously different. Tasty, healthy. So good folks do come first. Borécha does too.


Borécha is a play on the word Bore (good in Konkani) and Cha (tea). Simply, it is just this- Good tea

kombucha brand with most probiotics in India

When flavour met fervour,
Borécha was born

This is the story of a young boy who loved to experiment. He loved the unknown, the untouched, the unfelt and the untasted. In the city of skyscrapers, Manhattan, where he lived, he loved the little things, like new cuisine, restaurants, and places. When he went to grocery stores, he wanted to try everything, his curiosity unbound. On one of these expeditions, the boy discovered something that was on the shelf that day. This would soon go on to stay on his mind and his business - kombucha.... The young man, Aditya Ishan Varshnei, then moved back home to Goa, India, to start his journey of entrepreneurship. But of some of the things he missed from his days in the USA, his delicious tea-based fermented drink Kombucha, was among the top on the list.

He brought the problem home to his brother, but with the foundation of a solution - a kombucha culture (SCOBY), which he managed to bring from the US from a subsequent trip, the genesis of kombucha creation. His brother, Anish a trained chef, with heightened taste buds started to experiment and create homegrown kombucha. Anish, with his enhanced olfactory senses, infused flavours with the finesse of a perfumer, making test batches of kombucha with numerous different flavours and teas.

With this newfound confidence, soon thoughts turned to scaling this up commercially, especially when the product wasn’t easily available. Says Ishan, “Our bespoke recipes gave us the first-mover advantage in terms of scale and variety. This is when we started thinking about a name which would be befitting for our kombucha.

Our creative team hit gold when it thought of two aspects. This was good tea, healthy tea, refreshing tea, an anytime drink and a companion at the bar and the gym and everywhere else. And since we are in Goa, the name that immediately struck was Boré-Cha, or simply good tea. Soon the Mango flavoured Borécha was made and introduced to the market and was met with - not surprisingly - delightful responses.

Since then eleven other flavours have been launched and there are more in the making. Curating and creating. That is the spirit of our Borécha, one of the most exciting non-alcoholic beverages to have entered the Indian markets, homegrown and world-class. And it all started with a curious boy, looking to try everything on the shelves., especially kombucha. He will now watch his own creations fly off them.