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Kombucha (Water, Live Probiotic Kombucha Culture (Komagataeibacter sp., A. musti, A. tropicalis), Cane Sugar, Assam Black Tea, Darjeeling Black Tea), Natural Flavouring Substances (Lemon & Lime), Indian Gooseberry, Bibhitak, Haritaki, Licorice Root, Carbon Dioxide (INS 290)

Borecha's low sugar kombuchas are the perfect addition to your daily routine, offering a flavorful and health-conscious beverage. Whether you're focused on staying hydrated throughout the day or seeking a post-workout refreshment, these kombuchas provide a guilt-free option. Their balanced profile makes them an ideal choice for those embracing a healthier lifestyle and looking for a tasty companion to wholesome snacking.



Probiotics are live microorganisms, primarily bacteria, that are beneficial for the digestive system and overall health when consumed in adequate amounts. These microorganisms are often referred to as "good" or "friendly" bacteria because they can provide a range of health benefits, particularly when they are able to establish a healthy balance within the gut microbiota.

Advancements in our technology and production processes have allowed for the optimization of kombucha formulations, making it possible to be stored in aluminum cans without compromising their quality. These optimized kombucha products are safe to consume.

Need to consult a physician before consuming.

Probiotic-rich kombucha needs to be refrigerated to maintain the viability of live probiotics within the beverage. Refrigeration helps slow down the metabolic activity of the probiotic microorganisms, preserving their viability until the product is consumed.

The shelf-life of the product is Nine months under refrigeration. However, leaving the product out at room temperature for a long duration of time may result in flavor alteration, but consuming it would be completely safe.

One litre