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Tea (Water, Assam Black Tea, Darjeeling Black Tea), Cane Sugar, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Bilberry Extract, Natural Flavouring Substances (Strawberry & Lemon), Ginkgo Biloba, Bacopa Monnieri, Green Tea, Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Panax Ginseng, Edible Common Salt (Iodized), Carbon Dioxode (INS 290)

Celebrate special occasions with sophistication by opting for Borecha's sparkling ice teas. Adding a touch of sparkle to your brunch or afternoon tea, these beverages create a delightful ambiance. Beyond celebrations, they serve as a refined alcohol-free option for socializing, catering to designated drivers and those opting for non-alcoholic alternatives. Transform leisure moments into refreshing experiences with these sparkling ice teas, providing a versatile and enjoyable beverage for various occasions.



AB Focus is the mixture of adaptogen herbs that promotes brain function and focus. It works by balancing the production of neurotransmitters, boosting brain cell signaling, improving cerebral blood flow, modulating brain waves, protecting from brain cell damage, and eliminating heavy metals and toxins.

Not required, but the product tastes best when served chilled.

One Year

One litre